Induction Week

Mind Map   For the first week of university the majority of our lectures were for us to get to know each other and find out some more information about the course we are about to study for three years. In one of these lectures we were given various tasks to complete during the two weeks, these included; a photo collage with our seminar, purchase a sketch book, create this blog and to create a mind map which would outline what we hope to achieve by the end of the three-year course.

After these tasks had been completed and the first two weeks of university were over, we got down to some proper media theory lectures which we have already been given an assignment for that’s due in for the end of October. We have to analyse a media text which applies to either text or audience and we are required to link to media theory via the standards of Harvard Referencing. I am not familiar with this so am going to have to use the various resources available and make sure that I correctly use it in my essays.

processing2-logoFollowing the lectures, we’ve had two workshops. The first one was on Adobe Photoshop and we learnt some basic skills. I am quite familiar with the program so it was a refresher for me but some students have never used the program so it was a good way of making sure everyone was brought up to the same level. The second workshop was much more difficult aphoto.jpgs it was on Programming which is something I have never done before. We created various shapes on a software called ‘Processing‘. We only touched over some basic techniques and codes but it gave everyone a taster of what will follow. The software is free to download so I have downloaded it in order to help me practice when out of the workshops and build on my skills.


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