Taking the Photos

Day 1: After we had finished researching exactly how we would continue with this task we decided that it would be best to just go outside and try and find some naturally occurring letters to spark up our imagination. We began with the simple letters such as L and T which we found quite easily when looking at scaffolding.

We had a workshop for Photoshop on Monday where we used layer masks in order to make sure that we presented this task professionally and neatly. I created 26 boxes, all the same distance apart and all align with each other. This ensured continuity in my design work. We recapped how to do the layer masking and managed to insert the four images of letters we took into the Photoshop document today. This showed that we remembered how to do the layer masking and gave us a start with the task.

Day 2: Following yesterdays success with the naturally occurring letters. Tessa and I spent around 3 hours searching for the remaining letters around the University – both inside and outside. We managed to find all of them apart from Z, R and G – which we were stuck on for ages and eventually managed to use our imagination and came up with creative ways of finding the letters.

We took all the photos on a Canon 600D camera which allowed us to access the best quality image as we set the ISO high and kept the shutter speed fast so that the images were crisp and defined. Using the manual settings of the camera is vital when hoping to produce the best possible quality of photo. It allows you to differentiate between a professional designer and a standard digital camera phone quality.


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