Task 1 – Alphabet Task Final

This is the final Amy Alphabet task FINALcreation of the naturally occurring letters – forming the alphabet. I decided to use the theme of metal and block letters. Also, I wanted to keep the letters consistent and have all capital letters.

To make it easier to see the letters, I chose to use adjustment layers on Adobe Photoshop to contrast between colour and black and white.

This task was helpful as it allowed me to explore my creativity when looking and searching for the letters and it meant that I had to try and figure out where I could find particular letters such as the ‘Y‘ and ‘R‘.

The problems I faced during this task was definitely trying to be as imaginative as possible and finding the last few letters was extremely tedious. After I had taken all the images, using the adjustment layers I had to try and decide which colours and effects highlighted the letters the most effectively.


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