Temporal Expressions Research

This task is photography based and we are required to take various images using different styles. We need to replicate the style of David Hockney in his joiner images and take photos exploiting both long and short exposure.

In order to master the technique of David Hockney, it was necessary for me to research and discover what his work consisted of. First, I found out some basic facts about the artist such as how he was born on the 9th July 1937 in Yorkshire and is still alive today aged 77. The idea of a joiner image is placing lots of smaller images together to make a larger composition. He stumbled upon this technique accidentally and noticed that by creating these joiner images, it gives he viewer a narrative around the central object. Both of the photos below are examples of David Hockneys work. The left image was created in October 1982 and the right image in April 1982.

04 CP-035

This research was beneficial as it gave me a clear idea of how to create my own joiner image as I now have something to refer to and base it on.

When researching into the short/long exposure image styles, there was much more variety and different routes to go down. In order to comply with the ‘CYCLE‘ theme, I decided to do water and fire. I felt that water would look effective for the short exposure images as I would be able to capture it dripping or falling. And with fire I thought I could use sparklers or fireworks to exploit the long exposure.

Short exposure images mean that there is a fast shutter speed and less movement is allowed into the lens. When looking online, it was clear that good lighting was key to create a good quality short exposure image so I am definitely going to keep that in mind when producing my own. Below are some examples of short exposure images revolving around water/liquid.

shutter-speed-short-exposure bucket-water

Long exposure images require a slow shutter speed so that the lens allows more movement to be captured in the shot. In order to get the best possible image, the use of a tripod makes sure that the rest of the image stays still and the main focus is on the movement of the object. When looking into examples to adapt, it appeared the most popular was to use either fireworks or sparklers to draw shapes. I also noticed a lot of light streak images which I look forward to trying. Below are some of my favourite examples I found.

5165816c51a26f95930c8449058a54d5 trick-photography-long-exposure-ebook


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