Animation Research

In our seminar this week we learnt about animation and were introduced to the history of animation and how it came about all those years ago. We were shown the many ways that animation was achieved before the 20th century and before there was such technology like there is today. We looked at the Praxinoscope, and even had a chance to test how it worked as the uni have one that we are able to use to check our animations work.

picsThe Praxinoscope works by inserting a long strip of paper with different images drawn on each ‘frame’ you then spin the Praxinoscope and the animation is reflected in the mirror opposite the strip of paper. For our animation task we are required to create a 12 frame animation, and I am going to use this method and then transfer it to an animated GIF online using a GIF creator.


Other methods of animation is drawing-on-paper and flip-books which were the very beginning of animation. The first animation which features both synchronised music and sound effects was Walt Disneys ‘Steamboat Willie‘ which a short GIF is shown below. This animation was aired in 1928 and since then the animation world has evolved enormously, now with films such as Gravity and Avatar – both showing modern day animation.



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