Task 3 – Animation Final

So for this task we were required to generate a 12 frame hand-drawn sequence in the style of the Praxinoscope which was provided for us to use. I wanted to draw a sequence which built as the animation progressed so I went for the “Bubbles” idea. This conforms to the CYCLE theme as the animation builds and gets filled with coloured bubbles before returning to nothing again. Below is the finished animated GIF and also an image of the entire hand-drawn strip which fits inside the Praxinoscope.

output_tl5KCI IMG_0155

The second part of the animation task was to create a stop motion animation. This style of animation can be created using anything from 4 images up to thousands of images. My image sequence contains 40 images and shows a knitted chicken trying to find a place to nest which is the right size. This narrative was adapted from the Goldilocks children’s story and demonstrates an example of stop motion animation. I used my DSLR Canon 600D camera to take these image, hence the shallow focus – drawing attention the the main object being the chicken.



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