After Effects Workshop 2

In todays workshop we continued learning some skills on After Effects. We experimented with particles and creating a real life ‘Winter Scene’. In order to create this, we had to pick a winter photo from Google Images which preferably showed a perspective line. I chose this image:


I uploaded it into After Effects and scaled it to the size I wanted it. I then created a Null Object which allows you to parent other layer to it so that you can resize and reposition them proportionally. The next stage was to insert the ‘Camera’ layer which enables you to animate the position of the photograph as if a camera is panning and zooming – hence, giving a 3D/Real life aspect to the photograph.

After I felt I had perfected the position and movement of the image over the 15second duration, we had to add in the ‘snow’. This was done using the effects and presets tool. We searched for the particle creator and made a mixture of large and small particles and altered their colour to white in order to represent snow. This was all accomplished via trial and error and playing around with the various different levels of the effects. Below is the final outcome of the animated winter scene:



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