Development & Realisation: Introduction

We have been given our brief for the development and realisation unit of our course. The assignment is split into two separate tasks. The first assignment is to produce various blog posts which display material which assisted me with the understanding of the design and the different planning and research methods I followed. These posts should follow up to the final A2 poster and represent a journey of development from initial ideas to the final product.

Planning and research are key in any design as it enables you to explore every element of your idea and gather feedback and look on the project with different perspectives.

The second assignment is to create an A2 poster which shows evidence of planning and research posted on the weblog. The poster needs to visually communicate a set of data which is easy to identify and requires no supporting material – such as a verbal or written explanation.

The brief offers up 10 different subjects to gather data on and visually represent it. The three that immediately jumped out at me were “Where have you been and when”, “Who lives the longest” and “What is the fattest country”.

Once I have selected a subject I will move on to creating the poster following research into the specific subject area.

Following this, the second part to the poster assignment is to give a verbal presentation of my A2 poster in a class critique. This should be a chance to explore how my poster demonstrates my initially intentions and ideas. Problems and challenges along the way should be discussed and an explanation of how I overcame these challenges would be required. The main aim of the critique is to assess my work and identify how I managed to respond efficiently to the set brief. Questions will be asked and answers should be prepared in order to demonstrate that thought has gone into the possible areas class members may pick up on.

DEADLINE – a) Weblog Monday 12th January 2015 (noon)

                     b) A2 Poster Monday 12th January 2015 (noon)

                     c) Critique Thursday 15th


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