Development & Realisation: Initial Ideas and Research

Below are the initial first ideas I have thought of revolving the three subjects I am interested in. I aim to adapt and develop these first ideas but at the moment they seem like good starting points in order to continue researching and designing my poster.


I also decided to look at some existing info-graphics, we were shown some in our lectures and I wanted to explore deeper into the world of these graphics. There are thousands that exist and they vary from very simplistic designs all the way to complex, detailed ones. I looked into both ends of the spectrum in order to be certain in what I wanted to create.

SES found objects poster 20121204 JVZ B

This one is the most straight-forward, simple design I found. I particularly enjoyed this one due to the fact that you can clearly visualise what is happening as all the information is displayed in a clear, structured manner. The page being split up allows the eyes to focus on each individual section instead of being overwhelmed by the whole poster. Also, by having different parts of the poster different sizes prioritises certain information. As the posters aim is to visually communicate with the audience, the images and statistics seem to be the most prominent on the page so that you don’t need to read the text in order to understand what is happening.

research 3

This poster to the right is one the more complicated designs as at first glance, it’s near impossible to know what the information is trying to show. The size of the text makes it difficult to instantly read what is happening so the only way of understanding it is to study the poster and look very closely with full concentration. I don’t want my poster to be as complicated as this as the brief clearly states that the audience should be able to see whats going on by just looking – this has certified that I want to keep mine simple, with the use of complimentary colours to make it attractive and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

research 2

The above has a mixture of both a good use of colours and not too much text. The graphics used are Flat Icons and are very appealing to look at. The simplistic design urges you to look and find out whats happening in the poster, and this can be done with ease. I hope to create a poster with similar effects – easy to understand and with appealing looks.



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