Development & Realisation: Research Into Possible Subjects

I wanted to choose my subject as soon as possible so I could start planning and researching into my poster.  I narrowed it down to three and produced this mind map which outlines my main, initial ideas I had for them. Along with my ideas, I also wanted to see how easy the data was to find and whether it could be easily communicated, visually.


The above image is the life expectancy (from birth) in the EU countries and as you can see, the data given doesn’t vary that much. This would mean that the poster wouldn’t display much variety in the data it would be communicating. I then thought that maybe I could use a different regions countries life expectancies which might vary a bit more. I decided to have a look at Asia’s life expectancies.

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 15.15.13

This was the opposite of Europe’s and the majority of the countries were at the lower end of the scale. After discovering that there wouldn’t be a major difference in each countries I decided that maybe another subject would provide a most vast set of data for me to visually communicate.

I moved onto researching into obesity rates in the EU and other regions to see whether I get a wider range of data sets.

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 15.15.33

Here I found the top 5 European countries which suffer from obesity. Again, for men it ranged between 66.6 to 74 and for women, 52.7 to 60.9. This didn’t show a wide range which is what I was hoping to represent.

Lastly, I move onto my last idea of Where I have been and when, which I brainstormed. In hindsight this is the one I wanted to do because all the data is assessable and easy to find – due to the fact that it’s my past. I can use my memory, social media location services in order to track where I have been and when I visited these places. For example, the app Timehop notifies you what you did exactly a year ago by what you posted on twitter/facebook/instagram. Apps like this filter through your social profile and can dig up specific posts which you identify it to.

As I was more or less certain on this subject I decided that I need to create a list of the places I have visited and then work around them in order to represent them in a visually appealing way which audiences can identify with ease.



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