Development & Realisation: Planning and First Drafts (2)

In order to make my new design one that ticks all the boxes in the info-graphic market I visited a website which claimed to highlight what made a good info-graphic. The four main elements to a successful poster is purpose, style, evidence and format. These would be the main things I focus on when designing my poster.

Purpose: The purpose of my poster is to visualise the various destinations I have visited over the course of my life. This should be evident to the audience based on the information given.

Style: The layout would be very structured and manipulate the audiences eyes to travel down the page accordingly. Colour schemes will be those of flat colours which are widely used in the creation of info-graphics and flat design graphics. ( allows you to copy the colour code straight into Illustrator which saves time and increases your workflow)

Evidence: The evidence will be 100% accurate due to it being my past and a very personal subject.

Format: The format of my poster will be static but also be able to be printed but no interactivity will be involved.

A final element of planning which I regarded as essential was the target audience of my poster. Due to the data being personal there is no direct audience as it acts as a more informative and keepsake poster. I still want to achieve a poster which catches people attention so decided to use this colour theme below along with the detailed final draft.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 00.56.53



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