Introduction to New Unit Breif – D4DME

The next unit is Design for Digital Media Environments which requires us to work in groups of three and create a Web Application which addresses a problem of a target audience of our choice. In order to create this we have to utilise the skills we learn in the HTML CSS and PHP workshops each week. Wider reading will also be beneficial in this unit as it will further our skills when working in HTML/PHP, both and Code Academy will be visited frequently throughout the task.

In our small groups we must use a centralised database in order to achieve a social application, and on this application, there should be a basic authentication system which can run different levels of read/write access.

Despite the fact we are working together collaboratively, we are keeping individual analytical blogs. Blog posts should reflect on all aspects of our creative, intellectual and technological development throughout the course of the unit. Evidence is needed in blog posts such as code snippets, sketches, screenshots and research into our target audience.


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