D4DME – Task 1

We have been set a task to upload and make a contribution to a community based UGC platform, we could decide whether to upload a photo/video/diagram to Wikimedia, add detail to openstreetmap, add a recipe to Wikibooks or a reading list to Zotero.

I decided to add in my old primary school to my local area on openstreetmap.com as it had not yet been identified. Openstreetmap is an interactive website which allows users to insert different landmarks and street names – similar to Google maps but giving users more control and responsibility.


I also decided to post an image to Wikimedia. In order to do this I had to create an account and go onto Wikimedia Commons which allows you to upload files, photos and videos at your own discretion and enables other users of wikimedia to use your uploads without the worry of copyright issues.



I uploaded the above image of Bournemouth beach sunset which I took a few weeks ago, the image is good quality and captures a perfect amount of lighting – perfect for someone to use as a screensaver image or in their own work.


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