D4DME – Creation of the ‘Meet the Team’ Page

I took on the role of creating the Meet the Team page as I didn’t want us, as a group, to fall behind other groups and having to catch up. I looked at previous HTML documents we previously worked on in Kyle’s earlier workshops to get a basic structure for the page. Due to all three of us not being confident using HTML we decided to use bootstrap which we touched upon a couple of months ago in a workshop. I watched a few tutorials and got some refresher tips on how it works and began to create the page using this.

Why Bootstrap? You still have to challenge of writing all the HTML code and edit some bits of CSS but its give you the basic structure to a webpage and makes it appear more dynamic and stylish. We all agreed we would continue using bootstrap for the final idea and as I wasn’t super confident with it, it will still be very challenging and we will have to work together to try and figure some coding issues out I am sure.

meet the team code

plain meet the team

I created the majority of the meet the team page as I was forward in researching how to use Bootstrap and the other members were not crystal clear on how to use it. I created a plain basic design so that when we next get together and decide on a final idea we can decide as a group what colour scheme and various buttons we wanted to have. I thought of an idea to put underneath each of our bios which was to link to each of our blogs. This increases the navigation on the page and makes it more personal.

meet the team actual page basic


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