D4DME – Individual Roles and Team Dynamics

During reading week, our group arranged to meet up to discuss the final idea and we all brought along our individual ideas which we had come to via research into different categories and target audiences. I took along my brainstorm but mostly with my babysitting idea.

We all ‘pitched’ our thoughts and suggestions to what the website could be designed for and these were all the ideas thrown in: Babysitting, Dating, Recipe site, Book reviews, Statistics site. The two top ideas were babysitting and dating. We knew that another group were planning on doing a dating site so we thought that it would be best to go with the Babysitting idea as it’s different and unique and also won’t be compared to other groups with the same idea.

After we had decided on this we discussed which role each person should do and what would maximise the quality and workflow of the project. It was decided that Josh was best at the design and layout of the website, and me and Amy were more confident on the coding so thats how we will continue to work but will aim to try and all pull an equal weight as obviously the coding is more challenging than the design – due to me and Amy not being overly confident with it.

To succeed in all working equal amounts we are going to aim to try and complete the task when we are all together as a group so that we can freely input our different ideas and make the product the best it possibly can be.


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