D4DME – Project from my POV

In my opinion the project should be created equally between the team members but due to different skills and strengths and weaknesses this is challenging as not everyone is confident in the same areas. I feel that our group can produce an excellent final project, especially with the uncountable amount of tutorials out there that we can use to help us if we are stuck on particular parts of the code. Also other seminar students will hopefully be willing to help us out if they are more confident in the workshops, along with Phil and Kyle. 

I have researched into our final idea of a babysitting advertisement website and have come up with some example websites that already exist which we can gather some inspiration and ideas from. Below are the websites similar to our idea that already are up and running: ex 1






The main focus is not on the visuals of the website but the functionality and the core HTML and PHP code which we will create and hopefully be able to run through databases using our servers. Once the website is fully functioning with all the required content we can focus on making the site aesthetically pleasing to its specific target audience. I feel that if we aim to complete the hardest part (PHP) together as soon as possible it will be easier to overcome issues and can get help from Kyle if need be. After that we can spend the remainder of our time making the website look professional.


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