D4DME – Initial Ideas/Research into UGC

Before meeting and discussing with my team mates about what our idea should be I thought I would go with some rough thoughts to offer up as a suggestion. I knew that the website needs to be aimed at a specific target audience and came up with various ideas, all attached to different categories.

I particularly like the babysitting idea under the ‘Services’ category due to the fact that I can’t think of many well known babysitting/childminding websites out there and so we can input unique and different ideas without being influenced at all. The fields I was thinking we could search by would be Name, Location, Price and Availability (part/full time) these would be the columns in the database. I was also thinking once the user has signed up they could upload a photo, short description and their CV.

Below is a brainstorm of the style of websites I had in mind regarding the different categories.

brainstorm of ideas


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