D4DME – Group Work Progress

So far as a group we have managed to make some progress on the project. Me and Amy began to work o the back end of the website as this was what was recommended by Kyle. Once we finish and achieve a working basic website you can focus on making it look nice. The main marks are coming from the functionality of the site so we wanted to ensure this was the more impressive part of our project.

This was started by opening up brackets files from previous workshops we had following up to the unit. We analysed which code we wanted to use and manipulated it into our new brackets file. We tried to incorporate as many functions as we could so we could practice what we learnt in these previous workshops and display evidence that we understood what was shown to us.

Me and Amy began the php side of things by logging onto phpmyadmin and creating the first database table we would use for the website (see below). This was where the users would be logging in and the database would have to recognise a users details and allow them access to enter the site and post onto the homepage. The way in which we connect to the database is via a server – we use dakar.bournemouth.ac.uk.

table 1We then discussed that it would be more effective and time-efficient for us to use Bootstrap to design the website as its a much simpler way to make the site look professional and aesthetically pleasing, especially as we aren’t getting marked on how nice it looks.


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