D4DME – Connecting to the final database

This week has been us trying to figure out how to get the user to fill out the profile form and for that information to be posted in a separate box on the home page.

As I mentioned before, we did a similar task like this a few months back but me and Amy didn’t have to files we used back then. We managed to get a basic outline of the code we needed – using youtube tutorials and other seminar members help. After we tried for a few hours to get it to work we decided to arrange to meet Kyle next week and see if he could explain to us where we were going wrong.

So that the meeting wasn’t completely unproductive. We thought we’d help Josh with the colour scheme hunt and found these few colour schemes we thought would fit in with our target audience of mothers looking for a babysitter. We wanted to have an elegant, slick design to make our website look professional as we found with other babysitting ad websites have been very childish and non-legit.

At the end of the meeting we managed to create the database and get it to post onto the homepage only if we inputted the data directly into the form on phpmyadmin but when you try to fill out the form on the profile page – the data is not reaching the database and therefore not posting.

Following our meeting with Kyle:

During our meeting with Kyle he explained to us that in order for the information to be submitted to the database table we had set up, we needed to use the “INSERT INTO ____” which meant that the information the user inputed into each field would update the database table. We again included a message which appears if the user either successfully or unsuccessfully makes a post.


In order for this post to appear on the homepage we decided to make a separate file for the box that the post would appear in to avoid clogging up the index php file with unnecessary code. We then needed to link this box page to the index page along with a small section of code. This kept the work nice and organised which meant that we could easily edit a section of code if a particular function wasn’t working on our site.




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