D4DME – Incorporating jQuery/Draft

In this weeks workshop we began looking at jQuery and Kyle showed us how to use the simple toggle up function and suggested that it would be useful to use it in our current projects to improve skills – especially in javascript as we have not done much work on that and will be using it in the next unit. I managed to manipulate the code we used in the workshop to make the login and signup box toggle up and down from the buttons on the nav bar. This makes the website more aesthetically pleasing for the user and there is more information for them initially displayed. It also keeps the homepage free to store more information near the top of the page instead of the login/signup boxes taking up the majority of the visible page. The thing that we couldn’t grasp was stopping the login box being able to toggle down the same time as the signup box was opened. We played around for about an hour trying to use the ‘hide’ function but we kept just hiding the box completely. We asked Phil the next day if he had any idea how to achieve what we wanted and he luckily did. Instead of using the ‘hide’ function in the html file we had to add it to the css class of the boxes. We added in ‘display: none’ and then in the Javascript we made it so that if the signup button is clicked, the signup box becomes invisible and toggles up before the login box toggles down and visa versa. display none scrn shot js scrnshot Josh brought along his name ideas, logo and banner today for us to look at and we all agreed on the name ‘sitter search’ and below are the first drafts of the logo/banner ideas. We inputted the banner images into the carousel so we can visualise what the final home page would look like.



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