D4DME – Web 2.0, USENET and BBS Research

Over Easter, I decided to look back at what Rob had mentioned about Web 2.0 and various other subjects to research more into if we were interested. After the Net Neutrality research, I have been eager to find out and learn more about the history and unknown information of the World Wide Web. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to find out the information I needed without some in depth research. I researched into Bullet Board Systems, USENET and when Web 2.0 met Usenet 1.0.

BBS is a computer server which allows users to connect to the system using a terminal program, and enables them to post, upload, download, IM and much more. This is similar to what our groups are creating for this project as users have to sign up, log in and then post to the home page for everyone to see – even those who aren’t logged in. (Wikipedia)

Usenet is a worldwide Internet discussion system where users read and post messages (articles) to one or more categories – known as newsgroups. Usenet is very similar to BBS and the discussions are threaded just like BBS but the posts are stored on the server sequentially. (Wikipedia)


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