D4DME – Progress made over the Easter Holidays/Finishing Touches

Over the Easter holidays I decided to focus on tidying up all the code and making sure it was all formatted correctly so that it will be easy to read when being marked/looked at. I split this task up over a few days as it was less tedious that doing it all in one. Another thing that Rob and Kyle suggested we do to our code is comment it so that each chunk could easily be understood by us when editing/explaining it due to us not being overly confident with what every line meant off the top of our heads. We spoke in our group chat about splitting up the pages between us so that the job could get done quicker. Due to Amy and I writing all the code we thought it would be best if we split the pages between us as we had a better understanding of what each chunk was responsible for. I decided to comment the code on the meet the team, login and signup pages and then Amy commented the code on the post and index page as these had more code involved. Below is an example of what the commenting looks like in brackets.


The website is now coded properly with formatted and commented code and the PHP functions work – connecting to a database via a local server. As we managed to finish the back-end of the project with some time to spare we spent the majority of our time before easter using Bootstrap to perfect the aesthetics of the website so that the user experience would be improved. Although this wasn’t explicitly asked for us to do, we decided that in order to become confident with coding and design websites – practice is key so we took this project as an opportunity to explore and add to our knowledge of coding and brackets. Doing this, allowed me to practice previous skills used in workshops but be able to understand them and explain them in my own words – also learning various shortcuts in the Brackets programme which will be vital in future project in the next semester and next two years at university. Below are a few screenshots of how we have made the website more appealing to the eye through Bootstrap and CSS coding.





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