D4DME – Final Evaluation

With the website now being completely finished I decided to evaluate how I have done over the module and how far I have come in terms of coding skills. I have 100% improved my knowledge and ability to code as the independence of writing the code with others of the same standard makes you try harder to find out solutions – not just asking Kyle.

I feel confident with PHP and HTML and look forward to working with them again, HTML is our next project and as we didn’t do a huge amount in this project, I can improve my skills throughout the next module.

Throughout this project we faced many problems – some we fixed ourselves and some that Kyle was needed to explain to us the issue. Whenever Kyle did help us, we would always go into the labs straight after and work on the area he helped us with so that we made sure we understood exactly where we went wrong and how to avoid going wrong in the future.

If I were to improve anything in this project, it would be to have included some more database tables such as a file uploader or a more complex sign up form. The project has shown me the importance of contributing when working in groups and gave me a sense of what it would be like in the ‘real world’ and working as a part of a production team.


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